There are times were it’s so hard for me to stay in control, at peace, sane.

I’m a wanderer – ok, my mind is a wanderer – but I love it, procrastination and all.

… the world needs more wanderers. 

So today, I Choose Me. I wouldn’t want to be anything but myself. An optimist dreamer, positive thinker, shit starter.. because honestly, the world needs more wanderers.

📸: @KgosigadiLelomo

Burgers @ KasiGrill 

I welcome good food with pleasure and finding a burger joint in the neighbourhood of Mabopane was unheard of til Kasi Grill graced us with A-M-A-Z-I-N-G food, woah!

But let’s not get carried away – this is about these amazing burgers

In the bottom right corner we have the mouthwatering Smoked Boerewors CheeseBurger (Anything smoked in Chef Dave’s smoker is like freaking mind blowing!)

In the top right corner we have Chef Dave’s amazing Double Mexican Cheese Burger (his Mexican Silverside Steak Burger gets 10million stars from me!)

And lastly, a Double Cheese and Pineapple Burger! Yikes! I’m allergic to pineapple but DAYMN THIS LOOK GREAT!

(Meals served with a side of golden delicious wedges)